Hello, I’m Greg Lindahl, a User Experience Designer with over 10 years of experience designing SaaS applications for Startup and Enterprise companies.

As a user experience designer, I help creative and technology teams succeed by providing a voice for the user by designing with his/her needs in mind.  

Prior to UX, I was an assistant principal and teacher where I gained valuable soft skills such as storytelling, presenting, critiquing, and facilitating.  While working in education, I completed UX course work at night and on weekends while taking on website design on the side to build up my experience.  I've been working in the field of UX for a total of 10 years.  

I would love the opportunity to help your business create delightful and impactful experiences. 


My preferred workflow combines a Lean UX and Design Thinking approach. My best work is achieved when I am working amongst a team that wants to create a solid product vision with well defined outcomes that puts the user first.

Lean UX Lifecycle

Putting myself in the users shoes is a must.  I take time at the beginning of any project to talk and observe users in order to build that empathy and learn about the problem.  I often try to complete the user task so I can better understand pain points.  The aim is to communicate on behalf of the user and meet his/her needs.

I believe it is important to fail fast.  After collecting user research and building empathy, I prefer to work with a team to clearly define the problem and outcomes.  I like to get a concept in front of a user, watch the interaction and learn.  I let the results drive iterations of the product.


Facilitating Lean UX workshops are part of my regular routine.  This helps to frame our focus when starting a new project.


Taking an idea from the whiteboard to low fidelity wireframes is a must.  I want to work out as many pain points as possible.


User testing is also part of my regular routine.  It is extremely vital to get feedback on designs before any code is written.


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